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Which team would bite the dust?

Whenever a certain team in gearing up for a match, irrespective of the nature of the sport, it is not only them who walk on the field. Behind them, millions of their supporters are also gearing up to support them with all their might. Every sport has its own set of supporters who go crazy whenever an important event relevant to the sport comes up. They cannot wait for their team’s match to come up so that they could go all out in their support. The passion is evident, the emotions are high and the enthusiasm is unparalleled.

One cannot deny that sports are able to do the thing which no other task can, which is the ability to give an opportunity to the entire country to be on the same wavelength. On other issues, opinions might vary, but when it comes to your team, every person of the country would be unanimous in praying for the win.

If sports is played with the right spirit, there is certainly a lot which can be gained form it. It is important that sports are viewed as a game rather than as a battle. It is true that the match is considered to be somewhat a matter of honor, but it is important that with the end of the match, things are not taken forward with aggression. When it comes to sport, the only aggression which is acceptable is the one which is displayed on field in the form of performance. The rest tends to put a dent on everything that sports stands for.

Therefore, it is important that a line is drawn. It is necessary to not get carried away while supporting your team. It is equally essential that the criticism which is witnessed after the loss of a match is kept in check and is not unnecessarily harsh. Often, we see people making astrology match prediction before a match and undermining a certain team. The fact is, when it comes to matches and sports, it is next to impossible to write anyone off completely. Every match would have a different consequence and you cannot judge the prediction based on how a certain team has fared in the past.

For instance, during the cricket world cup 2015, after Pakistan suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of India and West Indies, it was written off. But the same team managed to defeat a rather strong opponent, which was South Africa. This proves that you cannot rule anyone out; the fate of the match cannot be decided beforehand. It is how a certain team performs during the course of the match that matters. History, statistics and logic are all insignificant.

This does not hold true for cricket alone, but is applicable to all sports regardless of the genre. Never concede defeat before a match because it is never truly over. It is important to support your team till the very last moment and in case of defeat, accept in a graceful manner.

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