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Three simple tips for staying healthy in a desk job


It can be difficult to stay healthy in a desk job. Our sedentary lifestyles make it difficult to be active, and as a result our health often suffers.


Here are a few simple tips to stay healthy while at your desk:

 Three simple tips for staying healthy in a desk job

  1. Indulge in fruit


Fruitful Office delivers fresh office fruit straight to your workplace on a daily basis – giving you a healthy and delicious snack that is a fantastic alternative to sugary vending machine snacks and junk food.


If you want to satisfy your cravings while staying healthy, then opt for fresh delicious fruit such as apples, oranges and berries – all of which can give you the natural sugar boost you need without leading to a roller coaster of sugar highs and lows.


Remember, unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks may taste good, but they are full of empty calories and the boost you get from them won’t last long.


  1. Be comfortable


It’s hard to stay healthy at work if your very set-up makes you feel uncomfortable. Ensure that you eyes are always at screen level so you do not have to strain your neck, and adjust your monitor and chair to ensure that you are in a comfortable position.


This will help you maintain good posture, whichcontributes to your overall health in the long run. It can also help to ensure that your hands and wrists are well placed at your desk. If you find yourself getting uncomfortable, consider a cushioned wrist mouse pad or an ergonomic keyboard. If you are experiencing back pain as a result of a poor office chair, you could even consider an ergonomically fit chair to correct this.


  1. Take breaks


It’s really important to take frequent breaks ­– even if it’s just a short break from the computer screen. Looking away from your computer screen at regular intervals will help your eyesight. A short break of a few seconds every ten to fifteen minutes can do wonders.


When you can afford to take a longer break, it’s important to leave your desk, and go outside if possible for some fresh air. Having a stretch and getting some air can help rejuvenate your body and mind, and is important for refreshing your focus and helping you to stay healthy.


Overall, it’s important to take any and every opportunity to stay fit and healthy in a desk job, as the very nature of such a job encourages poor health and bad habits. By incorporating three simple steps into your routine, you’ll find it that bit easier to maintain your health in the office.

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