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The Most Common Foods Found at French Supermarkets

French supermarkets are full of French items and food delicacies. They were built to provide French items to people all over the world so that they will be able to consume and experience the critically acclaimed French foods previously available only at France and some parts of the Western world. Below are the most common French foods that can be found at French supermarkets. Take a look at them and choose which to purchase the next time you go to the nearest French food store.

French Food


The extremely popular croissants are usually consumed by people at breakfast. They are available mostly at French pastries, French food marts, or even at normal bakeries with French delights. These croissants come in a variety of flavors and fillings ranging from Bavarian to fruit flavors like strawberry. Have a taste of these bread delicacies and it will surely lighten up your day.


French food shops also offer macarons in box packages. This kind of macaron can help you save time from going to the French bakery just to satisfy your cravings for macaroons. You can just store this macaron in a box in your food closet or refrigerator. When your cravings for them come, then you can just open the package and get some.

Nicoise Salad

There is no more need for you to buy the ingredients in order to cook a nicoise salad because you can already buy it in can at the nearest French food supermarket. There are different brands of nicoise salad in a can to choose from. Make sure to pick the one you like the most.

Sirop de Mais

We usually enjoy the different flavors of syrups available at our supermarkets. However, the French supermarket has their own versions of syrups. One of them is the sirop de mais, which is a syrup derived from corn starches. They are best to be poured on top of hot pancakes, added ingredients for cakes, or dips for some pastries.

French Yogurt

French supermarkets have their own aisles for French yogurts. These yogurts are specially made dairy products just like the French cheese. Well-preserved and full of nutrients, these yogurts are just the best snacks out there. They can help you preserve your good health as well as maintain a healthy body.

The products mentioned above are just some of the products that French supermarkets offer. See them for yourself by going to the nearest French supermarket from your home.

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