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Myths Regarding Stunt Growth

Many parents get worried thinking about various myths associated with growth stunting. Stunted growth means decreased development of the human body. Stunted people are shorter in height and lesser in weight than other ordinary people. These people have other disorders like underdeveloped bones, delayed brain development, weaker immune system, and learning difficulties.

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According to UNICEF, stunted growth is caused during the first three years of a child’s life. So children who are deprived of food and face malnutrition are most likely to be of short stature later in life. Thus, it is evident that stunted growth can’t be intentionally caused or achieved.

If you have achieved complete growth, there is no chance that you can stunt your growth now. However, children and teenagers who haven’t attained full growth can stunt their growth by not taking proper diet and being careless with weight lifting exercises. Following are some myths regarding growth stunting and facts about them.


Caffeine stunts your growth.


Most parents advice their children to avoid drinking coffee as it stunts growth. This is not true. In a study, some children were given caffeine for a particular period. According to results, the caffeine didn’t affect the growth of the children. Caffeine is, in fact, used for the treatment of premature babies. So there is no chance that coffee or caffeine can stunt growth.

Some people think that drinking too much coffee can reduce calcium in your body. This thinking prevails because people stop drinking milk and other dairy products when they start drinking coffee. Therefore, caffeine has nothing to do with growth stunting.


Weightlifting stunts your growth.


Weightlifting can never stunt your growth. However, improper coaching, mismanagement, malnutrition, and intense weight lifting can stunt your growth. Some teenagers and children start weightlifting and heavy body building without proper coaching and instructions. These factors can contribute to growth stunting if you haven’t achieved complete growth. Moreover, body building and weightlifting require more calorie intake, which teenagers and children usually overlook and then have to face stunted growth.


Not taking one night’s sleep can stunt your growth.


Only one night of no sleep will never stunt your growth. But not taking enough sleep over a long time can affect your growth. This happens because a lack of sleep also affects the hormones in the body. So, for proper growth and functioning of the body, adequate sleep is very necessary.

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