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Motivation for Weight Loss

We all need motivation to get through tasks that are “unfun”. Starting a new good habit is not always easy so really knowing the ‘why’ of weight loss is important.

Obviously, we want to lose weight or you wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be writing this. But the time comes to put those walking shoes on and the excuses begin!

  • My feet ache from yesterday
  • I see clouds in the west
  • I’ll do it after (fill in the blank)
  • Oh, today can be my off day
  • I need to read that book again about how often I should walk per week
  • What are your excuses?

Come on, be honest with yourself and get off it and get on with it! Who are you fooling anyway? You’re doing this for YOU! (and if you’re not, then, maybe you need to reassess!).

You want to look better.

You want to feel better.

You want to live better.

You want to live to see your grandkids grow up.

You want to be attractive.

You want to ….

So, now you know the why. Now you might be lke me and need a little nudge; some accountability; something or someone that you have to answer to for your progress. That can be as simple as a journal to write down what you ate all day and what exercise you did (or will do). It can be the daily visit to the gym. It can be a diet club or an online forum where you can find partners to keep tabs on you.

For me, it’s this blog! Yes, I am in process. I am losing weight by adjusting my old eating habits to more sensible ones. I am adding a daily walk, except Sundays. I will do strength training 3 days a week with stretching each day.

There now you know! I can’t NOT do this now. You know about it!

So, remember who you are doing this for – you! Then get accountable!


I think we really have become obsessed with calories and portions to the point that we are stressed. Stressing leads to eating, among other things and, well, there we go again. I am all for controlling portions but not at the expense of anxiety. Calories matter but if we are freaking out over the fact that we over did our fat (or whatever) calories, well, our bodies respond by slowing down our metabolism.

Our body has no idea why the stress is caused it only knows that certain hormones are signalling “trouble” which tells hypothalamus to slow down metabolism. Yikes! You can’t win for losing, can you!

And where does this emergency fat get stored? In your waistline!!

Its always best to stick to some proven diet program. In this context, by all means, check out the review of 3 week diet program which has proven to reduce weight by 23 pounds.

It seems too that we can directly relate belly fat with stress hormones. Again, any kind of stress will signal “danger” to the body. Whether running from a bear, watching an accident happen, severely changing your eating habits, getting tense over a deadline,… your body just knows that you have danger and will respond accordingly.

So, relax. Take your new eating plan one step at a time. Forgive your transgressions. Begin each day anew. So what if you had an extra cookie or two. Just purpose to walk a little further. Work out a little longer. Eat less next meal.

But do yourself a favor and learn to let it go. Stress can kill a diet faster than anything. Hey, don’t look at it as though it is the end of the world. Just a bump in the road.

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