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Erectile dysfunction causes

Erectile dysfunction is a disease or you may call it a state faced by the men when there is a failure to have enough erection to conceive sexual performance constantly. Sexual erection of male orgasm is not a simple process. It involves the combination of work process of brain, emotions, hormones and nerves at the same time. Erectile dysfunction may arise due to nonfunctioning of any of these important processes. Erectile dysfunction can be explained in both physical and psychological terms. So mainly there are two forms of erectile dysfunction which are medical of psychological. It is not necessary that the medical or psychological issues should arise independently. Sometimes, there may be a combination of physical and psychological problem that may result in men to face this issue.

Erectile dysfunction causes


Talking about the psychological causes, erectile dysfunction may result due to mental health problems, pressure, anxiety, stress, tensions or any trauma. Brain is a fundamental part of our body which is responsible for triggering all the activities we perform with our physical body. Likewise the feeling of sexual excitement is aroused by the proper working of men’s brain. If he is suffering from some kind of depression or stress, then the brain fails to work properly for sexual erection which results in causing erectile dysfunction in men. An important side of psychological factor which is mostly ignored is the conflicts in relationship. If the relationship bond is not truthful, honest and sincere, then the mind fails to create the sexual feel in men which also results in erectile dysfunction.

Not only psychological factors but physical diseases may also result in creating such erection problems in men amongst which the above of all is the clogging of blood vessels. Relaxation of muscles is very important for starting up the process of sexual erection. The blood vessels are blocked then it results in blocking down the blood flow in the walls of the arteries of penis which are originally responsible for supplying blood. While writing this I was doing research for the causes of Erectile Dysfunction, I came to know about the site where you can find the 100% natural treatment for ED Protocol. You can approach the site through a very helpful written Jason Long Erectile Dysfunction Protocol Review. Further due to this problem, the blood does not reach to the erection chambers and resultantly the hardness does not persist for a longer period of time hence, causing issues in sexual intercourse. The frequently observed reasons for blocking down of blood vessels are due to diabetes or smoking. Erectile dysfunction may also arise due to heart problems in men. The improper functioning of heart results in improper of flow of blood in all parts of the body. This may cause not enough blood to pass through the erection chambers. Hormonal disorders which mostly include problems in thyroid and testosterone deficiency are one of the common factors observes which causes a loss in sexual excitement. Hormones are basics which are responsible for creating or destroying our moods. Hormonal imbalances leads to drop in moods and mood swings which results is less sexual arouse or enough erection till ejaculation. Usage of drugs causes high levels of hormonal imbalance. These are some of the recently commonly known causes of erectile dysfunction in men. For more information about the product the above discussed product by Jason Long you can have read further here.

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