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E Factor Diet and The Master Cleanse Diet

In this article we will discuss about the E-factor diet and the Master cleanse diet. Millions of people have done master cleanse diet and continue to talk about it – but, the main questions is that what is this diet plan and how effective it is? The Master Cleanse is a program that specializes in body detoxification also known as the Lemonade Diet. This cleansing diet has been around from many years and is being used by most of the people who wish to get rid of chemicals and toxins from their bodies in order to improve their overall health.

Lately this diet has become a hot topic in the tabloids. Several celebrities like Beyonce Knowles have publicly revealed losing weight quickly on the master cleanse (some articles claim she lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks!) With continued use, people have reported losing over 70 pounds, and the numbers seem to keep growing. But remember, this “cleanse” is meant to be used as a short term solution to lose weight. Long term plan like the Atkins diet, the Mediterranean diet and the e factor diet are recommended to keep the weight off, once you lose your weight.

The Master Cleanse is basically a liquid- based, fasting diet. When you’re on this cleansing program, you are only allowed to drink 6 to up to 12 glasses of a lemonade concoction that is made of lemon juicewatermaple syrup and cayenne pepper. Other than this drink, a salt water drink is needed to flush out the toxins. No solid food is allowed, and enemas are not recommended. The diet’s time period is minimum 10 days and maximum 40 days not more. And this can also be repeated up to four times in a year.

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The Master Cleanse diet is based on the premise that lemons and maple syrup are rich sources of vitamins and minerals.

However, do note that since this is a fasting diet, people who have gone through this diet plan have weakened their energy levels due to lack of carbohydrates and energy-giving nutrients. For this reason, this cleansing ritual is only advisable to those in tip-top health. Moreover, when the cleansing days are over, the diet recommends easing your way back to solid food.

On other side John Rowley’s E Factor Diet plan program is very easy to implement and is result achieving. The whole plan focus on 2 to 3 factors like proper diet plan, exercise and no use of medicines at all. The four diet factors mentioned in the program will help you lowering the fat from your body and to make you smarter and slim. E factor diet reviews will help you in understanding the functionality of this program.

Are both diet plans are safe?

There have been no reported detrimental effects of Master Cleanse and E Factor Diet. In fact, many people report feeling renewed energy and health after going through the detoxification diet and food factor diet. Both have overall good reviews but John’s program has more positive reviews these days instead of cleanse diet.

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